‘The time has come,’ the Walrus said,

‘To talk of many things:

Of shoes – and ships – and sealing wax –

Of cabbages – and kings.’

                                                  – Lewis Carroll

About Nomadic Dreams:

These travel vignettes are all a part of my Nomadic Dreams blog, a project I launched to celebrate my year of turning forty.  After realising that I’d travelled to 33 countries (marked in pink below) out of 195 countries in the world, over four decades on this planet, my drive for this project arose out of my need to keep a chronicle of sorts of all the countries, cities and other spaces I’d been to; a store of travelogues and photos of the places I’ve visited so far.  Technically, I’ve already seen 17% of the world’s officially listed countries.


Nomadic Dreams is also written in anticipation of the day when dementia finally hits me (touch wood it doesn’t, but it’s good to be prepared). I’d like to be able to scroll through this record about where I’ve been, what I’ve seen and what I’ve done.  Nomadic Dreams is my travel journal of sorts, to remind me of the places I’ve been to and to help me create new travel dreams that remind me to play.  And just like a journal, it’s full of word and sentence errors, misspellings etc., so I apologise if that drives you crazy but I type these up pretty quickly in one go, schedule them for release every Saturday and then forget about them. If you do come across Nomadic Dreams somewhere on the internet, I hope you enjoy reading them!

Germany-Zurich 2014 042

About the author:

Jessica Faleiro is a novelist and a poet. She has also published travel pieces in ColdnoonForbes, Times of India and Skyscanner.

She is the author of The Delicate Balance of Little Lives and Afterlife: Ghost stories from Goa, both available on Amazon. Her poems, stories and non-fiction have been published in Asia Literary Review, Indian Quarterly, Rockland Lit, Mascara Literary Review, Muse India, IndiaCurrents, and tambdimati.  She gives talks and leads creative writing workshops at colleges, institutions and literary festivals. She currently lives in Goa.  You can find her writings on https://jessicafaleiro.wordpress.com/ and she’s on facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/JessicaFaleiro12


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