My Bali high in pictures – Part 1

My visit to Bali was a last-minute proposal from a friend I hadn’t seen in three years and we decided to meet up in this gorgeous South-East Asian paradise, full of colour and surprises.  I hadn’t ever been before and had no interest in exploring #SouthEastAsia (yes, inspite of Gilbert’s best-selling travel memoir Eat, Pray, Love), something I’ve pointed out before in my post about Singapore.  However, after my short 10-day visit, #BeautifulBali turned out to be one of my top five favourite places to visit in the world, after Florence and Venice.  A few photos of my stay are included below.

Pics from Phone 2014-2015 418
Late morning on Seminyak beach
Pics from Phone 2014-2015 421
Bright colours – Seminyak beach
Pics from Phone 2014-2015 422
Offerings to the Gods – flowers, fruit and candy…and coral toe-nails!
Pics from Phone 2014-2015 788
Ubud streetscape, scooters & coconuts included.
Pics from Phone 2014-2015 491
Sunset view from Ku De Ta beach club
Pics from Phone 2014-2015 434
Kima Bali Surf camp (Seminyak) breakfast of delectable rhubarb yoghurt & honey pancakes
Pics from Phone 2014-2015 790
Candy, rice grains, fruit and flowers as offerings – slightly trampled on in a side street.
Pics from Phone 2014-2015 793
Cafe Nomad in Ubud, popular with expats who live here
Rice terraces of Tegallalang
Pics from Phone 2014-2015 514
Outside the Temple cave of fruit bats
Pics from Phone 2014-2015 519
Spot the fruit bats asleep in the overhang.  Good thing you can’t smell their acidic guano!


Below is a Civet cat in a coffee plantation that produces #kopiluwak, the most expensive coffee in the world. The coffee is processed from the civet cat’s excrement, after the cat eats coffee cherries.  The bean’s skin is digested away, leaving behind an intact coffee bean that then goes through processing (picture on the right).  Yes, I tried some Luwak coffee.  No, I didn’t like the taste.

Pics from Phone 2014-2015 485
Ku De Ta beach club

The week we arrived, we didn’t realise it, but the Balinese Hindus were celebrating ‘Nyepi’ or the Balinese ‘Day of Silence’ where devotees burn huge demonic effigies.  It commemorates the Balinese new year and this is just one of the rituals and celebrations that happens before and after the day of silence, when even tourists are asked to stay inside their hotels and the streets are conspicuously empty and silent.

Pics from Phone 2014-2015 779
Balinese ‘Nyepi’ parade of plaster effigies
Pics from Phone 2014-2015 502
Balinese dance in traditional costumes
Pics from Phone 2014-2015 568
Exterior – Balinese palace and temple

I can’t wait to return one day soon 🙂

Visited in March 2015


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