Moviestar Deauxville beach in Normandy, France

Beach cabanas on Deauxville beach
Deauville beach boardwalk

It’s known for its American film festival but we only visited it for a few hours for a brief respite before my friend had to go home and dress up for his wedding!  We had strict instructions from his wife-to-be to keep him occupied for the morning and away from the house as he was hyper-excited and getting in everyone’s way while they were getting ready for the wedding J  We visited the famous boardwalk, glanced at older women strolling down the beach, keeping their plastic faces out of the sun and trying to be seen without being seen in fashionable swimsuits, beach wraps and wide-brimmed sunhats.  It’s a town for the rich and the famous – where one is to dress a certain way to be seen.  Striped beach cut a pretty picture of the beach promenade.  But, to be honest, there’s nothing very interesting about the place.  It looks manicured and set, the beach looks terribly boring and bare, except for a few posers around.  One point of interest is the line of beach cabanas with entrance posts that are named after film stars like Burt Lancaster. Note how they misspelled Harrison Ford’s name! We took pictures as a reminder of the morning of the wedding, before loading ourselves into the car and high-tailing it back to the house to get ready for the afternoon’s celebrations.

Deauxville Harbour

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