Golden Sicily

Sicily had a different light.

Coastal San Vito lo Capo in Sicily

It was all coastlines and Catholicism.  I remember a church square, a boat; clear, azure waters lapping gently against solid surfaces leaning gently into the water. It was 2006 and I flew to San Vito lo Capo with Paola, who knew the language, arranged accommodation and had friends on the island.

Take a boat trip to Favignana island

From there we took a boat to the smaller Favignana island and stayed on the beach front there for a few hours.  Clear blue water and a row of brightly coloured houses made for a vibrant backdrop to the Sicilian sun.

Church square – Favignana island

I’d just gotten a job at Tearfund and the Sicily trip was about trying to let go, lean in and rest before I began.  I came back with golden caramel skin and panda eyes and walked into my first job in International Development.  There was no looking back after that.  I had come home to an industry that I’d always belonged to.  And discovered disaster risk reduction policy work.  I also discovered that I believed in the work I was doing – training others to do their own advocacy at the community-level.  I never returned to Sicily but I’ll always have those memories steeped in golden light of the few days of rest before I entered a whole new world of awakening for me.


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