Oranges and rain in Seville

I was there late in the year with Paola for a long 3-day weekend visit.  September 2007, if memory serves me well.  Rather unusually for the year, it rained continuously for two days.  A freak event, we were told.  First time in twenty years, some said thirty.  On the second day, inspite of the wonderful hotel we’d been booked into, I grew bored of the bar and we wandered out to see Seville cathedral in the drenching rain.  For footwear, I had only my pink suede boots from Kenzo that I’d bought in a John Lewis mega-sale.  We’d expected a touch of the Fall coolness to come our way, not the heavy rains. I regretted my unusual need to pack ultra-light and not include a second pair of comfy shoes.  My lovely pull-on suede, pink, slouch boots were soaked in sacrifice to the gods of rain.  I had to throw them out after sloshing around in them and then drying them out.  I wore them wet and dried out until they were completely ruined by the time I returned to London. But in turn, I got to see Seville cathedral and bits of the city.

Exterior of Seville cathedral

Seville cathedral was full of dark catholic corners and their incense infused melancholia.  The interiors were steeped in the black of the medieval ages.  I got very excited when I discovered Christopher Columbus’ tomb in one corner of the cathedral.  The rain finally stopped on day 3 and we walked around, less afraid of a sudden rainfall coming upon us to catch us out.  I’d loved to have seen the bullring.  Or taken a boat across – 3 hours  – to Tangiers or Marrakech (slightly longer).


And yes, there were laranjas (oranges) growing on the trees!  Created a stunning backdrop with the Mediterranean light in the background.  I recall the food being great, though I don’t remember what we ate and right about now, I really wish I did!


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