Sci-fi Dubai

High ceilings framed the bright, gleaming building that resembled, in my imagination, the inside of the Starship Enterprise.  I headed straight for a taxi and was directed towards a sherbet pink, air-conditioned Mercedes car, wo-manned by a tiny Filipino lady, about half my size.

Nevertheless, she was more than capable of negotiating her way past the fast-moving, expensive cars on highway lanes filled with darting SUVs and zig-zagging BMWs.  There was a stretch of dark nothingness that I imagined was the desert at night, on either side of the highway, as she drove.  Nearer the city centre, the landscape changed rather dramatically.

Everyone talks about the grandeur of Dubai’s sky-scrapers and at night these lit-up structures loom over the immaculately tarred highways and by-roads of Dubai.  The city was electrified and colourful, adding to the sci-fi image I had already conjured up.

(visited in 2012)


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